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Roof & Wall Cladding Roofing Sheet


Material Specifications

Pre - Painted Steel Sheet

  • Pre Painted steel sheet is a multi layer-coating sheet available in various sizes and colors.
  • Pre – Painted steel sheet is manufactured by a continuous coating process. Which involves cleaning, Pre treating, Painting and baking in coil form. The coils are generally painted with two coat paint systems consisting of a primer and topcoat on exterior side and a primer and a topcoat on the reverse side. The Pre Painting process is designed to produce highly uniform, high quality paint coatings.
  • Pre Painted steel sheet is replacing other materials because of its application versatility. For example, in the construction industry, its availability in an almost infinite variety of colors, profiles and strengths, means it can satisfy the most creative and designing of architects and designers.
  • Light weight due to high strength to weight ratio of steel.
  • Light weight means easier handling lower shipping costs, easier installation.
  • Excellent dent resistance steel sheet withstands impacts from windborne objects.
  • Design Flexibility – Multiplicity of grades and strength levels permits designing to specific need.
  • Exciting Colors – rich tones in almost infinite variety.
  • High Quality – in recent years steel quality and paint technology have both improved greatly the synergistic effect results in a high performance material.

Exterior Painting of Pre Painted Sheets Consists of :
  • Base Metal – Steel
  • Metallic Coating – (Either Zinc or Aluminum Zinc Coating) for corrosion resistance.
  • Chromate Coating – For good adhesion purpose.
  • Primer Coating – for good undercut corrosion resistance, good adhesion and smoothness to topcoat finish.
  • Top finish Coat – Which provides color, pleasing appearance.

Interior Painting of Pre – Painted Sheet Consists of :
  • Base Metal
  • Metallic Coating
  • Top finish Coat

Important Criteria for Selecting Pre Painted Sheet

Based on Base Coat

  • GI Base (Galvanized Base – Zn)

Specialty of Zinc :
Zinc having self Physical Property called cathodic reaction.Whenever any cut happens in the materials the adjacent side of the zinc reacts with atmosphere O2 and ZnO2 layer will form on the cut edges, So it will protect from the atmosphere. (Self Healing Property)

  • GL Base (Galvalume Base – Alzn)

Specialty of Al- Zn :
Aluminum having good barrier protection and Zinc having good self-healing property. Combination of both will give better resistance to atmospheric corrosion.

Raw Material Details :
  • Base Metal – High tensile cold rolled steel.
  • Base Metal Coat – Galvanized (GI)- Confirm to JIS 3312
  • Galvalume (GL) – Confirm to JIS 3322,Confirm to ASTM A792

Raw Material Thickness Available :
  • Galvanized (GI) – 0.47 MM, 0.50 MM
  • Galvalume (GL) – 0.47 MM,0.50 MM

Raw Material Available Coil Width
  • Galvanized (GI) – 1200, 1220
  • Galvalume (GL) - 1200, 1220

Raw Material Available Yield Strength

Galvanized (GI)

  • 0.47 MM Thickness – 345 Mpa
  • 0.50 MM Thickness – 245 & 345 Mpa

Galvalume (GL)
  • 0.47 MM thickness – 345 Mpa & 550 Mpa
  • 0.50 MM thickness – 345 Mpa & 550 Mpa

Bare Galvalume (GL)
  • 0.47 MM Thickness – 550 Mpa

PPGI - Pre Painted Galvanized steel sheet
  • Hot dipped galvanized pre painted steel sheet
  • Zinc Coating : Z 12
  • Paint Coating : Regular Modified Polyester Painting
  • Painting Thickness (Top) : 18 ~ 20 Microns
  • Painting Thickness (Bottom) : 5 ~7 Microns Epoxy
  • Surface Paint Reflection : Glossy Finish(Optional Matt Finish)

PPGL/NCGL – Pre Painted Galvalume Steel Sheet
  • Zinc Coating : A Z 150
  • Paint Coating : Regular Modified Polyester Painting
  • Painting Thickness (Top) : 25 Microns
  • Painting Thickness (Bottom) : 5 ~7 Microns Epoxy
  • Surface Paint Reflection : Glossy Finish (Optional Matt Finish)

Selection charts for metal roof & wall cladding application crest fixing. (Profiled Sheets)

These are cold formed Z profiles generally 150 mm to 300 mm deep made from 1.5 mm to 3.0 mm thick 245 mpa/345 mpa strength steel.